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29 Dec, 2023

List of Key Swimming Gears Every Swimmer Should Have

Swimming gear is more than a swimsuit or goggles. Whether you are just a beginner or a serious swimmer, make sure you have all the necessary pieces of gear for a safe and sound experience in the water.

Whenever you join a swimming club in Melbourne, they ask you to prepare a comprehensive kit, including goggles, fins, paddles, and much more. So, here is a complete list to help you make your swimming experience as comfortable and safe as possible.

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Swim Fins

Swim fins are the most important accessories when you dive into the pool. Good quality fin blades allow you to propel through the water and increase your speed in minimum efforts.

Fins can also help you ensure proper kicking technique by letting you engage core and leg muscles into the water.

So it is good to purchase high-quality swim fins that are durable, and made with silicone to add comfort.


Believe it or not! The kickboard is the most favourite gear among swimmers. It enables you to swim better at the pool.

It is a rectangular buoyant board that helps improves kicking technique and speed over the time.

Kickboards target your lower body and enhance your ankle and hip flexibility. They come in different materials and sizes, ranging from pool noodles, foam kickboards and weighted kickboards.


Whether you are a professional swimmer looking to polish your kicking technique or just a beginner  in a swimming club in Melbourne, a kickboard is valuable swimming gear.

Swim Paddles

These are the upper body version of fins. Swim paddles give extra surface areas to your arms, enabling you pull more water and attain higher velocity when swimming.

They can boost the muscular strength around your shoulders and elbows when you paddle. However, they come in different sizes and strap choices.

It is good to invest in rubber tubbing as they last longer.

Pull Buoy

Pull buoy is also an essential part of any swimming gear kit. It are contoured foam that stick between thighs and immobilise legs and let you move your upper body and master your stroke like a pro.

These are important equipment to showcase your upper body swimming strokes and techniques. The best part is that pull buoys are affordable and come in multiple sizes and shapes.

Swimmer Snorkels

These are designed especially for pool training and lap swimming. Wear a swimming snorkel to control the pool environment and solely focus on your techniques.

They have smaller and organised profiles that sit closer to a head. There is also a valve that enables you expel water that enters the tube of your gear. Thus, you don’t need to lift your head to exhale.

You can easily find swimmer’s snorkels from a shop selling paddleboards and kayaks in Victoria.

Swim Parachutes

These are not the usual parachutes used to jump off the plane with. In fact, these are a small, simple and lightweight gear attached to a belt you worn around your waist. The parachute trails behind you when you swim. It creates a drag in the pool and stops you from move forward until you force your core muscles to put harder.


These are some of the key gears every swimmer should have when dive into a pool or sea. Some tools ensure safety while others improve your swimming techniques and strokes.

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